You accept our use of cookies by continuing to browse the Website. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website and stored in the user’s browser, mobile phone or other unit when that user is browsing the website. At Vanitas we respect our users integrity and your trust is very important to us. In this policy, we describe how we use cookies and how we in connection to this use will protect our customers integrity. A cookie can help the web page provider to recognize your unit the next time you visit the website, can give you access to certain functions on the website and/or can register your browsing habits. There are other technologies such as pixl-tags, beacons and other similar files and technologies that may have the same functions as cookies. In this cookie policy we use the term “cookies” for cookies and similar technologies.

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to handle certain functions on the Website in accordance to your choices. This means that when you continue using or return to the Website, these will be provided to you as previously demanded, e.g. by remembering your username and adaption of the Website.

Analytic cookies

We use analytic cookies in order to analyze how access of the Website is done, hur it is used and how it works. We use the information to maintain, operate and improve our Website. Third party cookies We may allow our partners to use cookies on the Website for the purposes specified above. We may also allow service providers acting on our behalf to use cookies for the purposes specified above.

Handle your cookies

If you do not want us to use cookies in order to improve your user experience you can easily shut off this function. Most browsers will allow you to handle how you wish for cookies to be used. Through the settings in your browser You can block or remove cookies. Generally You should also be able to handle similar technologies through your browser. Please note that if you choose to block cookies the functionality of the Website may be affected. If you wish you can also in most browsers choose to turn off tracking, which means that we will not be handeling the information from our own Website together with the information from and our partners Websites. To do the same thing on your mobile phone, you can for iOS go into settings, under Privacy and Commercial, choose limited tracking. For android, this is done within google settings and commercial.