Abstract serie 2 mixed limestones

฿969.96 /Box

Code: LM370 Collection:


Stone Moca Crème is limestone from Portugal; it displays fine lines similar to a fine wood grain it is warm and sophisticated. S&R 119-H this limestone is smooth and warm. It displays a light grain created by the flow of the water spreading the sediments during the stone formation. This create a sense of minimalism while still feeling warm S&R 130 Warm and classic this beige limestone would bring a natural feel and elegance to a façade or a bathroom. It is sturdy and is perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor floor or wall. S&R 118 Milky WhiteThe whitest limestone classic or modern, Milky White would provide a sense of purity and perfection to the design
Size 133x269x8mm
Nb of pieces per box 7
M2 or m per box 0.25
Anti-stain protection Long term protection treatment made in Germany applied in the factory

Additional Info

Collection The design of S&R mosaic is inspired by abstract painting and sculptures, it aims at bringing up the natural character of the stone. The  mixing of stone colors with similar geological structure, creates soft contrasts.
Stone Texture This texture, a rough grinding of the stone surface unveils the the true nature of the stone.
Pattern inspiration The design of the arrangement of the stone chips was inspired by abstract paintings and modern architecture façade layout. The stone chips were arranged in columns; there would be an equal gap between the columns filled with transparent resin. This would create a graphic pattern when the light goes through the panel similar to the setting of a building facade
Application Wall and Floor interior exterior
Installation wall Glue cement Weber Stone Fix white thickness 5mm
Joint detail 3mm
Tools Notched trowel v groove 3x3mm
Installation floor Glue cement Weber Stone Fix white thickness 5mm
Joint detail 2mm
Tools Notched trowel v groove 3x3mm