Abstract serie 3 epoxy assembled panels non yellowing and VOC free mixed basalt

฿20,736.22 /Box

Code: LM421 Collection:


Stone Ash Grey is pure grey. It is pure lava with a fine texture; it is exquisitely minmal and elegant Pure Black This stone is pure black with a fine texture. It is sophisticated and valuable.
Size 1221x2581x15mm
Nb of pieces per box 1
M2 or m per box 3.15
Anti-stain protection Long term protection treatment made in Germany applied in the factory

Additional Info

Collection The Abstract collection is inpired by abstract paintings and by the architecture of a city from a large perspective. It creates a man made natural new stone with it's own color contrasts and movement.
Stone Texture This texture, a rough grinding of the stone surface unveils the the true nature of the stone.
Pattern inspiration The design of the arrangement of the stone chips was inspired by fabric weaving. The stone chips were arranged in squares and their orientation would rotate by 90 degrees from one square to the other. There are gaps between the individual chips and also between the squares filled with transparent resin. This would create a graphic pattern when the light goes through the panel. The use of several colors contrasting but related colors would also give its unique feature to this product.
Application Wall,Floor, partition interior exterior
Installation wall stainless steel U channel floor and top orglue cement  Weber Stone Fix white
Joint detail 3mm
Tools Notched trowel v groove 3x3mm
Installation floor White cement tiger brand mixed with coarse sand 1/4 Weber tai no stain bonding layer
Joint detail 3mm
Tools Plain trowel and rubber hammer