Modular pattern No16 Travertino Classico Honed

฿1,889.62 /Box

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Stone  S&R 156 Travertino Classico from the quarry near Rome is extracted the most beautiful stone in the world, very fine, delicate. It evokes lightness and elegance.
Size 342x364x18mm
Nb of pieces per box 2
M2 or m per box 0.25
Anti-stain protection Long term protection treatment made in Germany applied in the factory

Additional Info

Collection S&R modular patterns create feature wall or original floor pattern, They help create a particular athmosphere and life to the room; each has a particular style; hypernatural, classic, modern etc..
Stone Texture Smooth and matt, this texture brings up warmth and empathy. It makes the design fluid and continuous
Pattern inspiration The modular pattern recreates a soft voilage, it expresses softness and lightnes
Application Wall interior exterior
Installation wall Glue cement Weber Stone Fix white thickness 10mm
Joint detail 0.5mm
Tools Notched trowel U grove 6x6mm
Installation floor NA
Joint detail NA
Tools NA