La Maison By Stone & Roses

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La Maison is a range of design stone products for your home, created by Stone & Roses. La Maison was created to give more choices and freedom for our customers to integrate natural stone aesthetics into their homes to be enjoyed by their family. Our exceptional La Maison range features special textures that bring out the most of the natural beauty and characteristics of different stones. Each texture design is intended to bring a feeling of utmost serenity and peace—all through natural stones—into our customers’ space to restore energy balance and elevate their everyday living. The products’ textures are handmade to give an authentic, natural touch.  

Our products were specially designed to make installation easy and to be versatile, complimenting various home decor styles. All the production of our materials strictly follow the European standard, ensuring the safety of our customers.  

Our team at La Maison will provide our customers with guides and recommendations for installation and required tools.

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